Find out about our prices, payment options and medical insurance claims.

Treatment prices 

  Length of session Price



Initial assessment

45 mins £60

Follow-up appointment 

30 mins £47

Women‘s health assessment

60 mins £63

Women‘s health follow-up

30 mins £47

Vestibular assessment

60 mins £63

Baby body bounce back exercise class

8 sessions £80

All classes in gym

1 session £10




30 mins £47

One-to-one with hydrotherapist

30 mins £47

Group classes in the pool

  £10 per class

Self-directed sessions in the pool

Neurological patients    

One-to-one with a hydrotherapist

One-to-one with a hydrotherapist plus an assistant

30 mins





Pre-class introduction


One-to-one Pilates

60 mins £65

One-to-one Pilates

30 mins £47

Group Pilates (Six sessions)

60 mins £60

Pilates (One session)

60 mins £12


If you have booked an appointment and are unable to attend please contact us at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise you may be charged a cancellation fee. 

Payment options

We accept payment by debit and credit cards. Sorry but we are not able to accept cash or cheques during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Payment can be made over the phone by debit and credit card. Alternatively, please contact reception if you would like to pay by BACS. 

Payment for all other treatments is due after your session.

Payment for treatment covered by medical insurance

If you have health insurance and plan to claim for the cost of your treatment, please check with your insurer before booking.