Our team

Our highly qualified team of physiotherapists have the skills and expertise to resolve or reduce your pain so you can do the activities you enjoy and lead a more normal life. They are also very friendly!


Ed Carroll


Find out how a sports injury in his teens led to Ed becoming a physiotherapist. 


Rosie Cranmer


Rosie set her sights on working at The Physiotherapy Centre when she was still at university. Find out if it has lived up to her expectations. 



Jenny Deeming


Discover why Jenny swapped the bright lights of the stage for a career in physiotherapy. 



Jo Hounsome

Team leader and Physiotherapist

Find out from Jo why an interest in upcycling and physiotherapy have more in common than you might imagine. 



Manuela Maxwell

Hydrotherapist and Sports Rehabilitator

There was a time when Manuela wanted to be a pilot — we’re so pleased her desire to help people led to a change of plan and a career in physiotherapy. Read more...


Working at The Physiotherapy Centre

If you are interested in joining our team, please see Holy Cross Hospital's website, which is where we advertise any vacancies.