Manuela’s early ambition was to be a pilot but lucky for her patients, her desire to help people overtook and she studied for a degree in human movement science and a post graduate degree in biokinetics.

A six-year stint of working in a spinal rehab hospital as a hydrotherapist has been one of the highlights of Manuela’s career to date. The experience she gained equipped her to join the team at The Physiotherapy Centre where she applies her skills in the water to help patients on their rehab journey. 

Manuela spends most of her working day in the hydrotherapy pool although recently she has expanded her skills and has trained to be a Pilates instructor.

When meeting a patient for the first time Manuela says: “It’s always good to remember that we are dealing with human beings who have ideas and emotions and that some may have found it difficult to ask for help. I like to get to know my patients personally and to make them feel comfortable and safe.”

Physiotherapy has a broad remit and there are many methods which can be used by physiotherapists when treating a patient. Manuela says: “There is so much change in the world of physiotherapy – there is always new research and new ways of doing things which gives us more tools in our toolbox. Although it is good to move with the times, it is also OK to use tried and tested methods too. One of the recent developments I feel most excited about is being able to make better use of technology. Online access means we can treat people anywhere and can help those who are not able to travel.” 

Manuela describes herself as a ‘super-duper outside person’ and when she’s not at work, she loves having adventures with her daughter as well as running, cycling and swimming.