Find out from Jo why an interest in upcycling and physiotherapy have more in common than you might imagine. 

“I love working out how to breathe new life and purpose into items that other people may have discarded,” says Jo. “For example, rather than replacing my tired old bathroom cabinet with a new one, I decided to rebuild it using some leftover material from my kitchen. It took some working out and I know it would have been quicker to buy a replacement but where’s the fun and challenge in taking the easy option! 

“I take pleasure in problem solving and I think this is one of the reasons why I enjoy physiotherapy so much. When I meet a patient for the first time, I’ll spend much of the first session getting to know them, finding out why they have come to see me and working out what I am going to do to help them.”

Since graduating from Keele university with a degree in physiotherapy Jo has worked in both private practice and the NHS. Describing what attracted her to her current role Jo says: “For me, being Team Leader combines the best of both worlds – not only do I get to treat patients but I also get to spend an equal amount of time developing and improving the service we provide patients. 

“Working here has made me a better physiotherapist and I really feel like I am doing something of value.”

Jo is The Physiotherapy Centre’s expert in vestibular rehab therapy. Her advice to anybody thinking about physiotherapy is not to be fearful but to pick up the phone and make an appointment as a positive first step towards making an improvement.