The Mummy MOT comes to The Physiotherapy Centre

The Physiotherapy Centre has added a further resource to its suite of women’s health services as physiotherapist and women’s health specialist Jenny Deeming becomes an accredited Mummy MOT practitioner. 

The accreditation enables her to offer clients who have gone through pregnancy and birth a thorough head-to-toe examination in line with the Mummy MOT standards. The aim is to help women take the first steps in being able to do the things they love again, quicker. The Mummy MOT is suitable for women who have given birth vaginally or via a C-section, from six weeks post-birth.

Jenny Deeming, post-natal physiotherapist says: “I am absolutely passionate about helping women enable their bodies to recover after pregnancy and birth, which is why we have added the Mummy MOT to the range of support we offer women. For many women, the Mummy MOT gives them back the confidence and knowledge to start looking forward again to being fit and active after birth.” 

The 75-minute Mummy MOT provides plenty of time for a thorough assessment and for women to ask questions or raise any concerns in a comfortable and private environment: “At the assessment, you will receive a full postural screen, pelvic floor assessment and abdominal muscle examination as well as screening for other potential problem areas. I can also help with C-section scar management. Once the assessment is complete, we will discuss a personalised plan and provide a report for you to take away. We also offer a follow-up appointment if needed,” says Jenny.

The Mummy MOT, which costs £100, will highlight any common concerns after pregnancy and birth - such as pelvic floor retraining or prolapse, bladder, bowel and sexual function - as well as returning safely to specific sports and increasing physical activity. 

Alongside the Mummy MOT, The Physiotherapy Centre offers Baby Bounce Back Pilates classes especially for mums, with the focus on pelvic floor, toning tummy muscles and improving posture, which often suffers as a result of feeding or carrying babies. Also offered by Jenny are women’s health appointments. With a similar approach to the Mummy’s MOT, the appointment offers clients the opportunity to track progress through follow-up sessions and a personalised treatment plan.

To find out how The Physiotherapy Centre may be able to help you, contact us at the centre by email or phone.