Latest news

Running advice

26 July 2017

If you have been inspired to take up running or are looking to increase your distance, our physiotherapy team can help you reach your goal safely.

Workout at Work

18 July 2017

At the beginning of July, we organised a Workout at Work week for staff at Holy Cross Hospital.

Share your success

14 July 2017

Shout about the goals you have achieved on the new Patient Success Board in Reception.

Latest newsletter

12 June 2017

Read our latest newsletter and find out how to manage acute low back pain and how Pilates can be beneficial to aid in your recovery.

New Lower Limb Rehab class on Thursdays

26 May 2017

Our physiotherapy exercise class held on Thursday afternoons will see a change of emphasis and have a new name from 1 June.

How physio' helped with recovery from knee surgery

10 May 2017

Physiotherapy and hydrotherapy can bring relief to a variety of conditions. One of our recent successes was the treatment of a patient who had undergone a total knee replacement.

Personal Pilates classes

04 May 2017

One-to-one and small group Pilates classes are now available at The Physiotherapy Centre.

One-to-one physiotherapy

25 April 2017

If you are suffering with pain or injury that is limiting your function or stopping you from enjoying your everyday life, why not find out if physiotherapy could help, with an individual physiotherapy assessment.

Staff update

03 April 2017

On Friday, we said ‘goodbye’ to team member Claire Ryan who has moved to London and has a new job in a neurodisability clinic.

‘Turn down the volume’ on pain this spring

28 March 2017

Although pain is vital to alerting us to danger and possible injury, it can sometimes be unhelpful and unnecessarily limiting.