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Common ski injuries and how to prevent them

30 November 2017

Take care on the ski slopes this winter with our guide about what you can do to reduce your risk of injury.

Free back care advice for builders

09 October 2017

Therapists at Haslemere’s Physiotherapy Centre have been giving builders free advice to help them look after their backs as part of national Back Care Awareness Week (2 to 6 October).

New specialist class coming soon

13 September 2017

A brand new water-based class, Ai Chi, which can help with joint mobility, balance and spinal control will soon be introduced at The Physiotherapy Centre. In the meantime, we are currently trying out some of the Ai Chi postures in our Tuesday Backsplash class.

Could Pilates help you?

11 August 2017

Pilates has been gradually gaining popularity in recent years.

Fighting the fear of back pain

03 August 2017

With around half of all people experiencing back pain at some point in their lives, physiotherapists have become the experts in treating and preventing it.

Running advice

26 July 2017

If you have been inspired to take up running or are looking to increase your distance, our physiotherapy team can help you reach your goal safely.

Workout at Work

18 July 2017

At the beginning of July, we organised a Workout at Work week for staff at Holy Cross Hospital.

Share your success

14 July 2017

Shout about the goals you have achieved on the new Patient Success Board in Reception.

Latest newsletter

12 June 2017

Read our latest newsletter and find out how to manage acute low back pain and how Pilates can be beneficial to aid in your recovery.

New Lower Limb Rehab class on Thursdays

26 May 2017

Our physiotherapy exercise class held on Thursday afternoons will see a change of emphasis and have a new name from 1 June.