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Know Pain course

18 October 2018

Physiotherapists Jenny Deeming and Ed Carroll recently attended a two-day course by Mike Stewart, who is a specialist in managing long-term pain.

Back pain in older adults

11 October 2018

This week is Back Care Awareness week and the theme for this year’s campaign is Back Pain in Older Adults.

Osteoarthritis seminar is well-received

03 September 2018

We were delighted with the response to our inaugural seminar, Living with Osteoarthritis. 

On your marks…

09 August 2018

Two of our outpatients have proved they are both winners in their quest to return to fitness.

Seminar: Living with osteoarthritis

26 July 2018

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of joint disease and is a condition that our physiotherapists receive many questions about. 

Team training

10 July 2018

Pilates continues to be a popular activity for improving core strength and general fitness and wellbeing.

Back to the classroom

06 July 2018

Therapists from across Surrey and Hampshire have taken part in a course to learn more about rheumatology in musculoskeletal conditions.

Students receive hands-on experience

05 June 2018

Two student physiotherapists on a four-week placement from Keele University have received a warm welcome from staff and patients at Holy Cross Hospital.

Serve up an ace

24 May 2018

This summer, we are offering a free physio consultation for tennis players. Book your free session today!

Learning to walk … again

04 April 2018

Best-selling author and busy mother of two Clare Boyd from Haslemere talks about how her treatment at The Physiotherapy Centre has got her back on her feet after a painful multiple fracture to her leg. But her story begins in the south of France. Here’s what happened.