Jackie's story

How hard work and the discovery of hydrotherapy helped Jackie defy the odds and return to the dance floor.

In 2018, Jackie worked as a receptionist and during her spare time she could be found on the dance floor, enjoying her love of ballroom dancing. 

In December 2018, Jackie was hit by a car whilst crossing the road resulting in life changing injuries to her left leg and ankle. She came close to having her lower leg amputated but after extensive and complex surgeries the surgeons managed to save her leg. For Jackie, this marked the start of her three-year rehab journey during which she would work towards regaining her former life.

Following an introduction to our hydrotherapy pool during late 2021, Jackie committed herself to doing weekly hydrotherapy and physiotherapy sessions. She worked on her leg strength, balance and walking ability with an aim of returning to the dance floor.

On Jackie‚Äôs 70th birthday she was able to put all her hard work into practice and put on a surprise performance to her family and friends.  

It is through hard work and determination together with our support and guidance, that Jackie has achieved her goal. Jackie is now working towards her next goal which is to walk up steep steps so she can visit her favourite restaurant.   

Next steps

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