Derek's story

How rehab helped Derek regain mobility after a knee replacement.

I had been struggling to walk due to knee pain for two years. I loved walking and playing wife and I have five dogs so walking was a big part of our lives.

I went to a specialist once the pain became too severe. I needed a total knee replacement of my right knee...he assured me it would help as long as I took the rehab seriously. Everyone told me in hospital that rehab is so important.

The operation was a success, but was extremely painful...Whilst the pharmacist was explaining what tablets to take to dull the pain she recommended The Physiotherapy Centre at Holy Cross Hospital in Haslemere. She was well placed to make her recommendation as she had also had a full knee replacement. She mentioned that there was a rehab pool plus a gym. She was in rehab for 18 months after her knee op and had fully recovered.

Two weeks after the operation I had a consultation with senior physio Jo Hounsome. Jo recommended that I initially undertake hydrotherapy in addition to my home exercise programme. This was to assist the bending and straightening of the knee. Another member of the team Ed worked with me in the pool until I could exercise by myself, and eventually I was able to bend my knee to 125 degrees and straighten it fully. I continued with some guided exercise in the pool and also progressed to regular gym work with the physio team to further strengthen my leg.

It was particularly difficult to strengthen my muscles as I had not used my leg properly for a long time. I was attending gym classes at The Physiotherapy Centre twice a week plus I was doing exercises at home 2-3 times a week. This went on for six months, until I had gained enough confidence in my leg. I was also doing cardio work which improved my overall fitness and an additional side effect of this is that my blood pressure is now normal when it had been slightly elevated previously.

I initially thought many of the exercises I was given would not help that much...I was so wrong. They all helped me to attain full mobility. The staff at The Physiotherapy Centre at Holy Cross are true professionals, helpful, friendly but firm when needed.

It is now nearly seven months since my operation...I'm playing golf twice a week, walking the dogs and getting on with my life. I'm still doing my exercises at home and will continue to until a year after the operation.

I have no hesitation in recommending Jo and the team, along with the Consultant they have given me back my mobility. I must also reiterate that you will need to totally commit to the rehab, for a full recovery...Jo and the team keep the rehab interesting which helps.

I hope my story helps someone to regain full mobility.


Derek Q