Regain your pre-baby body

New post-natal physiotherapy group classes and one-to-one sessions are now open for bookings.

The sessions are led by Jenny Deeming, a physiotherapist specially trained in women’s health: “Many women want to regain their pre-pregnancy body but either don’t know where to start or are fearful of straining a body that is still recovering after birth. Pregnancy, birth and early motherhood certainly take their toll on our bodies - not to mention our confidence - so it’s important to approach this process carefully. I’m passionate about women’s health and looking forward to helping clients regain confidence in their bodies.”

The Physiotherapy Centre’s post-natal sessions are informed by physiotherapy principles and look at the whole person using the best evidence-based treatments. Tummy muscle separation (diastasis recti), pelvic floor retraining, posture - particularly around breastfeeding and carrying your baby - and recovery after a C-section are some of the key issues for women after childbirth while other new mums may want to focus on pregnancy-related back and neck pain or returning to sport or regular exercise. 

All participants will have an initial assessment to identify their individual needs and this costs £55. Classes are £80 for eight sessions and an hour’s one-to-one assessment is £60. Clients are welcome to bring their babies to class but no crawlers please.

Contact us to book a session, see our flyer for more information or come along to our post baby body bounce back lecture on 18 June and meet the team.