Expert advice on osteoporosis in new lecture series

Organisers of a lecture on osteoporosis hope that information about treatment and risk factors will help people understand how to manage and even reduce their risk of developing the condition.

The lecture, which is called Living Well with Osteoporosis and is the first of a new lecture series entitled Let’s Talk Physio, takes place on Monday 29 April from 6-7pm at The Physiotherapy Centre at Haslemere’s Holy Cross Hospital. 

Senior physiotherapist Jo Hounsome says: “The aim of our new lecture series is to help people increase their knowledge and understanding of some common conditions. We have highly trained and experienced professionals in our team at The Physiotherapy Centre who are passionate about helping people take control of their health and wellbeing.We believe that by helping people understand their health and their bodies, we can help them stay healthier for longer.  

“We chose osteoporosis as our first topic because it affects 3 million people in the UK, causing pain and limiting people’s abilities to live life to the full. While there are no miracle cures, the latest thinking and therapies can offer real improvements to many.” 

In Living Well with Osteoporosis, physiotherapist Rosie Cranmer, will discuss what osteoporosis is and what causes it, the risk factors that influence how someone develops the condition, changes that individuals can make to reduce their risk factors and symptoms, and how therapies and medication can help people with osteoporosis. The lecture will include practical advice with information provided in a way that non-medical people will find engaging and easy to understand.

Tickets are £5, with all proceeds to be donated to the hospital’s Treehouse project which will see the building of a spacious wheelchair accessible platform set high up among the trees in the hospital’s grounds to enable patients to enjoy being outside and among trees and wildlife. To purchase tickets, contact The Physiotherapy Centre at, 01428 647647 or drop into reception in person.

Later in the lecture series, topics will cover helping new mums exercise their tummy safely and strengthen their pelvic floor effectively, injury prevention for runners and advice for golfers returning to the sport after joint replacements.

See details about the Let’s Talk Physio lectures.