New Pilates class

If you spend most of your working week sitting in front of a computer, you may be aware that your posture is not as good as it could be and you might suffer from some muscle tension. 

If this sounds like you, how would you like to spend your lunch hour stretching, de-stressing and learning how to become more aware of your body?

On Tuesday 6 November, we are starting a new Pilates class from 12 to 1pm. The class is for up to six people and is suitable for all abilities. 

We have plenty of free parking and changing facilities so the class could be convenient for anybody who can take a slightly extended lunch hour. 

The classes run in six week blocks and cost £60.

Taking part in regular Pilates can:

  • Improve your posture
  • Increase your muscle strength
  • Lead to greater flexibility
  • Leave you feeling calmer and less stressed.

Contact us to reserve your space.