Learning to walk … again

Best-selling author and busy mother of two Clare Boyd from Haslemere talks about how her treatment at The Physiotherapy Centre has got her back on her feet after a painful multiple fracture to her leg. But her story begins in the south of France. Here’s what happened.

“Last summer I had been playing with my two daughters on an inflatable assault course in the sunny south of France, when I slipped and landed badly,” says Clare. “Instantly, I felt the snap and could see one of the broken bones protrude under the skin. After an excruciatingly painful ambulance ride through bumpy, windy roads, I arrived at hospital and was operated on. A week later I returned home, loaded with new metalwork in my leg, beeping my way through airport security.”

Four months on, in December 2017, Clare’s consultant gave her the all clear to fully bear weight on her leg, meaning she could begin the next stage of her rehabilitation. By choosing The Physiotherapy Centre, she had access to a full range of treatment and specialist facilities plus a team of skilled physiotherapists with a breadth of experience.

Musculoskeletal physiotherapist Jenny Deeming, who has a background in orthopaedics, met Clare and devised a treatment plan centred around hydrotherapy: “I’ve found hydrotherapy really helpful in treating patients with injuries like Clare’s. The buoyancy of the water helps to support the patient and reduces stress on the joints, whilst the resistance of the water helps them gently build their strength - and confidence. Our pool is purpose built for hydrotherapy. At a comfortable 33 degrees, the warmth assists with pain relief too.”

Meanwhile, Clare’s career as an author was taking off. When she wasn’t learning how to get back on two feet at The Physiotherapy Centre, she was busy finalising plans to publish her first novel, a psychological thriller called ‘Little Liar’, as well as looking after her family. 

“Thanks to my weekly sessions with Jenny in the hydrotherapy pool, I am learning again how to walk properly. I will never forget how good it felt to allow my leg to move in a walking motion, with the water taking much of my weight. In spite of the location of my accident, I do believe that water has magical healing properties!”

“It’s a fact of life that active people sometimes suffer injuries. We have clients at all stages of life: busy working parents, serious sports enthusiasts, people battling chronic illnesses and older people trying to stay independent,” says Jenny. “We work with our clients’ lifestyles. We try to fit our classes and appointments around them and show them how to incorporate their rehabilitation exercises into their daily life.”

If you are recovering from an injury or living with a health problem, contact us to see how we can help. 

Clare’s novel, Little Liar reached the top 30 in Amazon’s best seller list - if you enjoyed Girl on the train, you will love Little Liar. Read more about Clare and take a look at her novel