Hydrotherapy team learn latest techniques

Offering good quality treatments that are clinically proven, is of great importance to everyone at The Physiotherapy Centre, as well as ensuring that patients find the sessions interesting and enjoyable.

To keep skills and knowledge up to date, the team regularly attend courses and take part in clinical supervision. They recently spent a day with Jaqueline Pattman who is a clinical specialist physiotherapist and aquatic physiotherapy consultant. Jacqueline is also the chairman of the Aquatic Therapy Association and has a wealth of knowledge in the field of hydrotherapy.

To create a more realistic scenario, a couple of patients were invited along to the training day to assist with learning in the pool. This allowed the team to learn and practice new and existing techniques on ‘real’ patients.

The session also gave the team an opportunity to test out and practice their evacuation procedure, so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands should anything unexpected happen!

The training day was a monumental success, and everybody is looking forward to the next one.