How physio' helped with recovery from knee surgery

Physiotherapy and hydrotherapy can bring relief to a variety of conditions. One of our recent successes was the treatment of a patient who had undergone a total knee replacement.

Anne self-referred herself for physiotherapy two weeks after having a total knee replacement. Prior to her operation, Anne was a keen walker and swimmer but due to the pain she had been experiencing from her arthritic knee, her walking had been severely restricted for a year.

During our initial assessment, we established that Anne’s main goals were to be able to walk independently for longer than 45 minutes and eventually to return to swimming.

We found that although she was recovering well from the operation, she had restriction in the movement of her knee joint, especially the bend, and was lacking in strength particularly of the quadriceps muscles. The quadriceps are a group of muscles that combine to be the largest muscle group in the leg.

After discussing the potential treatment options with her physiotherapist, Anne began a programme of physiotherapy. This involved a weekly session in the hydrotherapy pool and one session a week in the gym.

After just four weeks of physiotherapy, Anne had greatly improved her range of movement and strength. She has achieved a major goal by completing a one and a half hour walk with just an elbow crutch for support and experienced no pain or swelling to her knee.

Anne is continuing to complete regular hydrotherapy and gym sessions on an independent basis. The sessions were designed specifically for Anne by her physiotherapist and will enable her to continue to progress towards her goals.

If you have recently undergone knee surgery or are suffering from a painful condition, please do get in touch to find out how physiotherapy can help with your recovery.