Physiotherapy can help you with your recovery following an operation, illness or injury.

Our skilled team of physiotherapists offer:

  • musculoskeletal physiotherapy - the treatment of injuries and conditions affecting the muscles, joints and soft tissues, and
  • neurological physiotherapy - for people who have had a stroke, head or spinal cord injury. This specialised service aims to improve muscular strength, core stability, balance and posture.

Your journey to feeling better

Your road to recovery will begin with a 45-minute assessment. Your therapist will discuss with you the history of your condition and current symptoms. They will use their expertise to clinically reason what’s causing the problem, and work with you to outline the best course of treatment.

Together, we will set goals for your rehabilitation and how these can be achieved. At the first appointment your physiotherapist will suggest the number of treatments you may require. We find that the majority of people require four to five treatment sessions plus a supporting, follow-up programme of activity and exercises. 

Our approach

We will consider your body as a whole and will tailor a therapy programme that will assist your body’s natural healing process. A number of physiotherapy approaches may be taken, including: 

  • hands-on therapy such as sports massage, acupuncture or manipulation.
  • designing a programme of exercise specifically for your condition, for example, strengthening a specific part of your body or increasing mobility.
  • providing you with advice about your posture or how best to carry out an action such as lifting or how to be free from falls.