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Game, set and match

01 February 2017

Do you have a knee injury that is causing you to be a little off your game? While your rehabilitation goal may not be to win next year’s Australian Open, you probably would quite like to return to your pre-injury fitness level.

Join Free from Falls

08 December 2016

Our Free from Falls class is back! The class takes place on Tuesdays between 10.30 and 11.30am and is led by physiotherapist Ed.

New ways to take part in Pilates

28 November 2016

Our Pilates class is proving to be so popular that we have decided to introduce some alternative ways to take part.

Could a one-to-one session help you?

20 October 2016

Our one-to-one physiotherapy sessions offer a comprehensive assessment of your needs and the treatment available.

Be Free From Falls this autumn

10 October 2016

If the fear of falling over because of slippery pavements or blustery weather is a concern to you, why not consider joining our Free From Falls class.

Read our brand new newsletter

03 October 2016

Our brand new newsletter is packed with information to help keep you healthy, plus it includes updates about our services and classes. It's free so make sure you're signed up to receive it.

Sports massage and therapy

08 July 2016

If Euro 2016, Wimbledon or the Tour de France have inspired you to get active, are you feeling in tip top condition or do you need our help? Read more….

Sign-up for Pilates

19 June 2016

Join our Pilates course to help tackle back pain and to build your body strength, flexibility and stability.

Conference on Disorders of Consciousness

10 March 2016

In September, we will be holding a conference about the recent advances in the assessment, diagnosis and management of people with disorders of consciousness.

Hip to Toe

25 February 2016

Our Hip to Toe class has proved to be so popular that we have added another session to the timetable.