Dawn's story

Dawn is a remarkable woman who we have had the very rewarding experience of treating

In 2018, Dawn was involved in a road traffic accident which left her with multiple broken bones, internal injuries and a long spell in intensive care.

Following a number of operations for her broken arm and leg, she was able to get back on her feet and start her road to recovery. 

When Dawn first visited us, she walked with elbow crutches and struggled with strength, movement and balance, particularly in her legs.  

A thorough assessment by one of our rehab specialists provided us with knowledge about Dawn’s condition and an understanding of what she wanted to achieve. Armed with this information, we were able to put together a bespoke rehab programme for Dawn. 

Dawn committed herself to her rehabilitation and attends regular hydrotherapy, rehab and Pilates based sessions. 

Although Dawn says that she attributes her progress to the support and commitment of the physio team, it is through her hard work and determination that she is now able to walk unaided, play with her grandkids whilst getting herself on and off the floor independently, and has returned to enjoying fun day trips including a recent excursion on the Orient Express.        

Dawn particularly enjoys our gym-based obstacle course, where we challenge her to achieve her next goal which is to improve her balance so that she feels safer when on uneven surfaces and able to right herself if she were to trip.  

Although, Dawn’s road to recovery has been long, we put her transformation down to her enthusiasm and dedication which continues to impress and inspire us.

Next steps

If you would like to explore your rehab goals and what it is possible to achieve, please get in touch for an assessment with one of our highly trained physios.