Know Pain course

Physiotherapists Jenny Deeming and Ed Carroll recently attended a two-day course by Mike Stewart, who is a specialist in managing long-term pain.

The course explored why some people develop persistent pain well after their initial injury should have ‘healed’. 

Mike explained the role physiotherapists can play in educating and giving insight into their patient’s condition by using language that is meaningful to them and their pain.

Speaking after the course Jenny Deeming said: “Education is a powerful tool in taking back control, especially if other short-term interventions haven’t helped. This patient-centred approach considers not just the initial injury or condition but the patient as a whole and how external factors can play a vital part in pain control.”

Watch an interview with Mike Stewart to find out more about the Know Pain approach. 

Book an appointment with a member of our team if you think you could benefit from this approach.