On your marks…

Two of our outpatients have proved they are both winners in their quest to return to fitness.

Mrs Russell and Mrs Barker have attended hydrotherapy for a couple of years. During this time, they have built a lovely friendship and offer moral support to each other. 

They are also fond of some healthy competition and enjoy a little banter about who is the faster swimmer. As they both have their own limitations, it was agreed that the time had come for us to facilitate a race.  

The challenge was set to swim two widths of the hydrotherapy pool in the style which they preferred and were physically able to do. The race was won by Mrs Russell.

Commenting after, Mrs Barker said she was very pleased with the result and was surprised that she managed to complete the two widths.

We think this is a lovely story and shows how improving your physical wellbeing can be achieved in a friendly and social environment. 

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