Serve up an ace

This summer, we are offering a free physio consultation for tennis players. Book your free session today!

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the UK. It enhances your overall health and fitness and the constant movement burns calories, builds muscle and improves your flexibility. 

With Wimbledon just around the corner, you might be one of the many people inspired to dust off their racket and get out on the court. 

If you have had some time away from tennis, getting back into the swing of it can be tough. You may find your timing is not what it was, or that you’ve slipped into bad habits which could increase your risk of injury. 

At The Physiotherapy Centre, we will help you to serve up an ace this summer with our free 15-minute physio consultation, which will enable you to ask any questions you may have regarding the benefits of physiotherapy for you as an individual.

Our experienced Chartered physiotherapists are able to flag up any potential areas of weakness, identify stiffness and spot any loss of control that could lead to injury. 

By tackling what we discover with a recommended programme of stretches and specific exercises, you are more likely to prevent injury and stay in the game.

This free offer is available from now until August. To book your complimentary consultation, call us on 01428 647647 and quote TENNIS2018.