Get Fit to Ski

Holidaymakers planning skiing holidays for this winter can prepare for the slopes with our fitness training programme.

Fit to Ski will help you prepare to get the most out of your ski holiday and reduce your risk of injury. An eight-week training exercise programme run by The Physiotherapy Centre’s specialist sports physios, it focuses on developing the core, balance and building strength specifically for skiers.

Jenny Deeming, senior physiotherapist at The Physiotherapy Centre explains: “Each participant will have a personalised log to record their progress, so whether you have skied many times before or are new to the sport, Fit to Ski will help you reduce your chance of getting injured while skiing. Seasoned skiers know how important strength, stability and stamina are in making sure you get the most out of your trip - and in keeping you upright on the slopes!”

Participants will have an initial assessment to identify their individual needs and goals and to instruct them on the first stage of the Fit to Ski programme. They will then have three sessions at fortnightly intervals. Progress will be tracked at each stage. The course costs £160 paid in advance (or £181 if sessions are paid for individually). Participants can also book separate consultations at the centre for any previous injuries.

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