New specialist class coming soon

A brand new water-based class, Ai Chi, which can help with joint mobility, balance and spinal control will soon be introduced at The Physiotherapy Centre. In the meantime, we are currently trying out some of the Ai Chi postures in our Tuesday Backsplash class.

Ai Chi uses breathing techniques and gentle movements in our heated therapy pool. The resistance of the water can help you to relax and strengthen the body.

Physiotherapist Manuela Maxwell says: “We are always looking for new ways to help our patients as we see such a range of conditions. When I completed the Ai Chi course as part of my continual professional development, I could see it had a lot to offer our patients who are recovering from an injury or have a condition such as arthritis, fibromyalgia or a stress-related illness.”

Based on elements of Chinese medicine and martial arts, the gentle nature of the exercise and focus on breathing and relaxation means that patients’ with health problems such as asthma, obesity, depression, hypertension or cancer may also feel it helps them.

Ai Chi is a specialist therapy so, if you think it would help you, your physiotherapist can advise if it’s appropriate for you to be referred. Speak to one of our physiotherapists if you wish to attend the new class.