‘Turn down the volume’ on pain this spring

Although pain is vital to alerting us to danger and possible injury, it can sometimes be unhelpful and unnecessarily limiting.

This can be frustrating if you are wanting to stay active or become more so, particularly as we look forward to enjoying outdoors activities like gardening, walking and sports in the milder spring weather. 

Even though pain results from tissue damage, the amount of pain you experience can also depend on how much your brain perceives the cause of the pain as a threat. So if you have experienced pain in an area of your body before and it interfered with your job or sport, or if you are under stress or worrying about other things, your nerves may send increased ‘danger’ signals to your brain, resulting in your experience of pain being heightened.

Understanding that your nervous system sometimes uses pain to try to protect you at all costs rather than to inform you about actual damage, can help you ‘turn down the volume’ on your pain. At The Physiotherapy Centre, we can work with you to help you understand your pain better and to use exercises and activities to help you return to normal life. Contact us to book an individual physiotherapy assessment to see how we can help you.