Tour The Physiotherapy Centre online

A new website has been launched to highlight the services and facilities on offer at The Physiotherapy Centre, Haslemere.

The Centre is part of Holy Cross Hospital and treats outpatients who are suffering from painful conditions or recovering from injury.

Chief Executive, Christopher Hinton says: “From recent conversations, we know that many local people are unaware of The Physiotherapy Centre and the services offered. By launching this new website, we aim to provide people who are looking for physiotherapy or hydrotherapy with a clear and honest impression of who we are and what we offer. The site will also be useful for existing patients who can now apply for appointments online, find out the days and times of classes and keep up with new developments and offers.”

The site is fresh, informative and easy to use. Visitors can browse for information about the facilities; the treatments offered; costs and meet the team of qualified physiotherapists and hydrotherapists.

An interactive body map shows the types of conditions that can be treated and a short video enables visitors to take a tour of the Centre from the comfort of their home.